Children and emergency dental scenarios

Children, as many parents are well aware, enjoy many physical activities – whether it be sports, playing on the playground, or simply running around, our little ones rarely consider the consequences of their actions, and recklessness often results in them hurting themselves. Usually this will involve a scrape or...

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Visiting the dentist while pregnant

Managing your teeth is highly important when you’re pregnant – not just for yourself, but for your baby. Oral health can also be impacted by different aspects of pregnancy, so in this blog Bay Street Dental walk you through how to manage your oral health during this beautiful period!...

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Root canal myths

Root canals still maintain their reputation as long, painful, and generally terrifying dental procedures. Dental advancements have ensured that this is no longer the case, but the myths related to root canals still endure. In this blog, we demonstrate a few myths that are still circulating and point out...

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The importance of regular check-ups

The dentist is considered a den of misery for many. A stranger prodding, scratching and occasionally causing pain in sensitive areas can often be an unpleasant feeling. Because of this, many patients opt to not visit their dentist regularly. It’s important to remember your dentist loves you and your...

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