What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces. By using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth with results you’ll notice sooner than you think. The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks, moving your teeth into straighter position step by step, until you have a more beautiful smile. And unlike braces, the removable nature of the aligners means you can take them out for special occasions, continue to eat your favourite foods and brush & floss to maintain good oral hygiene. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Straight Teeth
Less uneven wear on teeth
Easy to clean and eat

What do I get in my initial consultation?

To begin with, your initial visit is FREE of charge and you will have the opportunity to discuss with our highly experience Invisalign trained dentist.
They will determine what your teeth straightening goals are and to establish whether you are a candidate for this method.
Our staff will take x-rays and pictures, as well as make impressions of your teeth for models.
If you are established as a candidate for Invisalign, these x-rays, pictures and impressions will be utilized to create your exact treatment course which will show exact teeth movements throughout the process.

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