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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry emphasises teeth as a body part that is interconnected to other organs of the human body. If you want a healthy body, you should ensure all your body parts working properly, including your teeth and gums.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the root causes of various dental issues and tries to prevent diseases and health conditions before they develop. This means that holistic dentistry searches for long-term solutions rather than quick and temporary remedies.

Bay Street Dental Group has designed holistic dentistry services that can ensure the oral health of our patients and thereby their overall health.

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Objectives Of Holistic Dentistry

At Bay Street Dental Group, we focus on three objectives through our holistic dentistry services:

  • Use of biocompatible or bio-inert materials for dental treatment services.
  • Use the mechanisms of the body rather than undergo a disruptive treatment intervention whenever possible.
  • Recognise the body interconnections to ensure the whole-body health.

The Holistic Dentistry Process

We offer holistic dentistry in Port Melbourne and other Melbourne suburbs by following a number of treatment practices. We also ask our patients to follow some hygiene and eating practices to ensure overall oral health. If you want to know in detail, what is holistic dentistry then click here.

Biocompatible Materials

Biocompatible materials for dental treatment is the primary step towards holistic dentistry as those materials do not add any toxins to your body. We use biocompatible materials to prepare dental fillings, orthodontics, and crowns. These materials do not generally cause issues like sensitivities, inflammation, and much more.

Additionally, we do not use fillings that contain mercury. Instead, we use toxin-free, naturally-looking composite fillings at our clinic and ensure a non-toxic dental experience for our patients. While the metal amalgam fillings are notorious for mercury, we offer the safe removal of the toxic metal without causing any harm to you as well as the environment.

Holistic Approach To Treat Bite Problems

While treating bite problems and TMJ, we keep the structure of your mouth as is. It is essential for your overall body health, and we offer uniquely designed splints, chiropractic, and perform muscular adjustments to provide optimal results while ensuring overall health.

Good Diet And Education

We ask our patients to follow a healthy diet that can improve their oral health and to prevent tooth decay. You can follow a diet that is sugar and alkaline free for reducing the acidity of saliva and bacterial growth.

We also educate our patients about organic alternatives for dental care, ingredients that can damage teeth, a proper diet for oral health, and much more. We also train our patients on how to live a balanced life that can ensure overall health.

Other than holistic dentistry, we also offer emergency treatmentcosmetic dentistrydental implant and more. to know in detail, please browse our all dental services.

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