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Children’s Dentist Melbourne


Children experience quick phases of teeth growth and jaw development. They need proper attention and care to ensure healthier mouths and teeth throughout their life.
As a leading dental service provider in Melbourne, we offer various children’s dentistry solutions in Port Melbourne. We follow the philosophy of providing children’s dental services with additional care.

What Makes Children’s Dental Care Important

Children go through the most critical phases of teeth and jaw development. The primary teeth start erupting from the third month for infants. Their jaws also start developing along with the primary teeth eruption. The proper development of jaws and primary teeth is essential for the eruption and development of secondary teeth. It means that the proper growth of primary teeth and jaw influences the dental health of your child in the later years.
Therefore, the dental screening at regular intervals of time, six months to one year, for your child is necessary.

Regular dental appointments also help us to understand any dental issues they may have, including thumb sucking, tooth decay, tongue thrusting, and more. Additionally, it helps the children to understand the importance of good oral health and encourages them to follow good dental hygiene practices from their infancy.

Unique Child Dentistry Services

At Bay Street Dental Group, we recommend that parents bring their infants for appointments when they notice the eruption of the first tooth. Usually, the first tooth erupts between three and nine months of their age.

At our clinic, we will review the medical records of your baby and perform a complete oral exam. We will inform you and provide any dental treatment and care needed for your toddler. Our dentists will give you an overview of the teeth, gum, and jaw development of your child and advise tips for proper oral care.

We recommend all parents bring their children for dental appointments at regular intervals of time. It helps us to analyse their overall oral development and provide the necessary preventive, orthodontic, and restorative dental treatment options along with regular cleaning and care. We monitor their bite and provide fluoride treatment to fight tooth decay. We also provide after-hours emergency dental services based on the special needs of your little ones.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

We have equipped our clinic with state-of-the-art tools and devices to offer excellent children’s dentistry services. As a group of leading children’s dentists in Melbourne, we employ the latest technology trends of the dental industry at our clinic, including digital x-rays, digital dental scanners, resin infiltrations, single tooth anaesthesia systems, and more. These tools and equipment help us to offer the best solutions in child dentistry.

Great Ambience Of Care And Fun

We designed our clinics to engage your child with comfortable and enjoyable moments. Our dental specialists and staff make a friendly relationship with children and take them to every stage of screening and treatment by ensuring a positive dental experience for them. We have set up a recreation area for children with video games and other fun options. We also welcome the parents to accompany children to the treatment area.

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