Professional Teeth Cleaning for South Melbourne Patients

Many people underestimate how important oral hygiene is to their overall health. The health of your mouth is often a good indication as to the health of your internal organs and general wellbeing. Your mouth is home to millions of different types of bacteria and whole colonies of microorganisms. With so much going on in our mouths, it is vital we pay special attention to teeth cleaning and gum care to help in our overall health.

Our clients in South Melbourne, Albert Park, Port Melbourne and surrounding suburbs can enjoy the benefits of professional teeth cleaning at Bay Street Dental’s full service dental clinics.


Teeth whitening is performed by our dental hygienists in South Melbourne who use a variety of special tools to scrape and remove built up plaque and tartar from the teeth. As build up also occurs below the gum line, the hygienist will also clean below the gum line. It is normal to experience some sensitivity and soreness after your teeth cleaning. Your hygienist will talk to you about your oral health and advise on proper mouth care including how to improve your cleaning and flossing practice at home.

Benefits of Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning

Not only does regular professional teeth cleaning help keep your smile looking fresh and bright, the extra attention and thorough care have a huge range of benefits for your health. Some of the benefits of regular teeth cleaning include:

  • Helping prevent disease
  • Preventing tooth loss
  • Fighting tooth decay
  • Removing plaque and tartar build up
  • Preventing gum disease

For Children

It is important to create good, healthy oral hygiene habits for children to continue throughout their lives. By introducing teeth cleaning parents can help their children get accustomed to dentist visits and create strong hygiene routines that can maintain as they grow.

Teeth Cleaning and Holistic Dentistry

Regular teeth cleaning is an important part of the holistic dentistry process, and helps in preventing disease elsewhere in the body. Teeth cleaning can help create a shining smile, and when added with holistic dentistry and teeth whitening you can trust you are getting a full service dental strategy that’s right for you.

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