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Teeth Cleaning

Bay Street Dental offers dental services including teeth cleaning for patients in Port Melbourne. Our teeth cleaning options include In-Chair Zoom whitening, home whitening kits, porcelain veneers and other OTC products.

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To book an appointment for teeth cleaning in Port Melbourne, call our friendly clinic on (03) 9646 2577. Our dentists have the expertise and training to help you make the right choice when it comes to cleaning your teeth.

What to Expect

Many people underestimate how important oral hygiene is to their overall health. The health of your mouth is often a good indication as to the health of your internal organs and general well-being. Your mouth is home to millions of different types of bacteria and whole colonies of microorganisms. With so much going on in our mouths, it is vital we pay special attention to teeth cleaning and gum care to help in our overall health.

Operating for many years in Melbourne, we are proud to be the trusted Melbourne dentist for many locals including South Melbourne, Albert Park, Port Melbourne.

Our Teeth Cleaning Process

Teeth whitening is performed by our Bay Street Dental Group hygienists who use a variety of special tools to scrape and remove built up plaque and tartar from the teeth. As build up also occurs below the gum line, the hygienist will also clean below the gum line. It is normal to experience some sensitivity and soreness after your teeth cleaning. Your hygienist will talk to you about your oral health and advise on proper mouth care including how to improve your cleaning and flossing practice at home.

Routine Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Since we are committed to providing comprehensive dental care to our patients, you can count on us for routine and deep cleaning services. 

Routine dental cleaning is a standard part of oral care, recommended every six months for most individuals. This cleaning involves using different tools to remove the bacteria and tartar buildup between the teeth and gums. The key features of a routine cleanup include plague and tartar removal, polishing, flossing and fluoride treatment, and oral examination. 

Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, is a more intensive dental procedure typically recommended for individuals with gum disease (periodontal disease) or significant buildup of tartar below the gumline. It is a non-surgical treatment aimed at removing bacterial deposits and promoting healing of the gums. Key features of deep cleaning include scaling, root planing, and local anaesthesia. 

Benefits of Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning

Not only does regular professional teeth cleaning help keep your smile looking fresh and bright, the extra attention and thorough care have a huge range of benefits for your health. Some of the benefits of regular teeth cleaning include:

  • Helping prevent disease
  • Preventing tooth loss
  • Fighting tooth decay
  • Removing plaque and tartar build up
  • Preventing gum disease

For Children

It is important to create good, healthy oral hygiene habits for children to continue throughout their lives. By introducing teeth cleaning parents can help their children get accustomed to dentist visits and create strong hygiene routines that can maintain as they grow.

Teeth Cleaning and Holistic Dentistry

Regular teeth cleaning is an important part of the holistic dentistry process, and helps in preventing disease elsewhere in the body. Teeth cleaning can help create a shining smile, and when added with holistic dentistry and teeth whitening you can trust you are getting a full service dental strategy that’s right for you.

Teeth Cleaning Cost

The pricing for teeth cleaning in Melbourne can fluctuate based on the factors listed below. Nevertheless, we are proud to offer competitive rates for our services, ensuring affordability without compromising on the excellence of our dental care. 

The cost of teeth cleaning depends on: 

  • The severity of the buildup on your teeth
  • The cleaning you undergo (routine or deep)
  • Your dental insurance 

To know the exact cost of cleaning your teeth by our professional team, connect with us. Get in touch with us today at (03) 9646 257

Frequently Asked Questions

Routine Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

The frequency of teeth cleaning varies based on individual oral health needs:

  • Every Six Months: Many benefit from biannual cleanings, ideal for those with good oral health and no gum disease history. It prevents plaque and tartar buildup, lowers cavity risk, and catches issues early.
  • Every Three to Four Months: Some, like gum disease patients, smokers, or immune-compromised individuals, may need more frequent cleanings customised by their dentist.
  • Annual or Biennial: Rarely, those with excellent oral hygiene and low risk may extend cleaning intervals, subject to dentist approval.
  • Individual Assessment: Dentists tailor cleaning frequency based on your health history, status, and risks.

Will My Teeth Be Sensitive After Getting Them Cleaned?

Teeth may be sensitive after a cleaning, but it’s usually temporary and mild, lasting a day or so. Sensitivity results from factors like plaque removal and dentin exposure. You can manage it with desensitising toothpaste and avoiding extreme temperatures. If it persists, consult our dentist.

How Long Does Teeth Cleaning Take?

A typical teeth cleaning appointment usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour. However, the exact duration can vary depending on individual oral health needs and the extent of cleaning required.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Dental Fees or Teeth Cleanings?

Private health insurance may cover dental fees and teeth cleanings, but coverage varies widely depending on the specific insurance plan. Reviewing your policy to understand what dental services are included and any associated costs is essential.

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