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Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms that may indicate that root canal therapy is needed.
  1. Pain when eating or drinking hot foods (pain stays even after completed eating/drinking).
  2. Tooth sensitive to biting on or even touching.
  3. An aching/throbbing tooth that wakes you when you sleeping.
  4. Face swelling with or without pain associated.
  5. Pain that moves around the mouth and even may cause an ear-ache.

You should take your child before they celebrate their first birthday. The first visits are mostly about getting kids used to the dentist chair, surgery and nurse.

Taking the child at an early age (about 6-8 months after eruption of first teeth) can prevent tooth decay and the dentist can advise about fluoride requirements.

Our aim is to improve your smile and function (chewing and eating) of the teeth to achieve a natural looking smile. Cosmetic treatment includes a variety of different dental options.

-Tooth whitening




It’s best to book an appointment to come in and discuss your needs with us and work out a treatment plan that meets all your requirements.

We recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. By doing so you help remove food, plaque and bacteria. One of the first issues you will face if you don’t brush regularly is Bad Breath (Halitosis).

This is a “bad” smell or odour that comes from the mouth, the cause of this may be a variety of reasons.

  • Not brushing and flossing regularly
  • Oral infections, gum disease, abscesses
  • Throat and lung infections
  • Things we eat and drink and smoke, like garlic, coffee cigarettes
  • Dry mouth due to illness or breathing through the mouth at night
  • Sinus infections
  • Untreated diabetes
  • Systemic diseases lung/kidney/liver
  • Reflux (acid from stomach coming back into the mouth)


This will depend on cause, best to have a dental check-up and rule out a dental cause.

Toothache may present in a vary of ways, from mild-severe, it can be intermittent or constantly present.

Temperature (hot or cold) Biting, chewing, may bring on the pain, or it may come with no obvious reason.

Decay, cracks fractures abscesses are some possible causes, none should be ignored or left un treated. Damage may work its way to the nerve and damage this to the point of the tooth needing root canal treatment of even possible extraction.

Its best to see the dentist ASAP so that the cause may be investigated and a solution found speedily. Our surgery will do its utmost best to help see you at your earliest convenience.

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Google Rating
Based on 126 reviews