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Preventative Dentistry

We all understand the importance of good dental health, but why is it that most of us don’t have the time each day?

Looking after our mouth is simple yet with the busy lifestyles we lead, time is not really on our side. In fact, many dental emergencies and dental treatments could have been prevented by good dental hygiene at home.

The best way to look after your teeth and save money is to have a check up and cleaning every six months. Getting into this routine helps to avoid broken teeth and major dental treatments by finding and preventing major problems before they progress. Brushing, flossing, mouth rinses and diet are also an important aspect of having a healthy mouth.

At your check up your dentist will look at:

  • Gum Related Factors
  • Tooth Strength (Decay, Cracks, Existing Fillings, Root Canals) Factors
  • Bite Related Factors (Grinding, Broken Teeth)
  • Aesthetic Factors (Colour, shape, position)

At Bay Street Dental Group our General Dentistry includes the following: