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Dental Bridges Port Melbourne | Bay Street Dental Group

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Dental Bridges Port Melbourne

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Dental Bridges Dentistry

Dental bridges are a preferable choice for people who want to replace their missing or damaged teeth. It literally bridges the gaps of one or more tooth and offers a perfect array of teeth.

At Bay Street Dental Group, we offer affordable dental bridge solutions to our patients who need a permanent solution to their missing teeth. Compared to other treatment options, dental bridges do not need any surgery or complicated processes to install it.

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The Dental Bridge Service

During your first visit to our clinic, we prepare the abutment teeth and make them the pillars of the bridge. We choose the teeth on both the sides of missing tooth as the abutment teeth. We shape and reduce the size of the abutment teeth by removing a portion of the enamel. It helps the newly-designed bridge accurately fits over them.

After that, we take the impressions and measurements of the supporting teeth. It helps us to design custom bridges that can perfectly fit the missing teeth and the abutment teeth. We also insert a temporary bridge to protect the abutment teeth as well as the space of the missing teeth.
Once the permanent dental bridge is ready, we will fix it by replacing the temporary bridge. We will adjust it and ensure that it produces accurate results. We then will cement the bridges permanently into position.

Sometimes, we cement your permanent bridge for a few weeks to see whether it gives you optimal results. At last, we cement the bridge permanently based on your experience.

We prepare permanent dental bridges from high-strength materials such as porcelain, metals, or a mix of both. Based on the number of consecutively missing teeth, we design bridges with three or more units.

The Advantages Of Dental Bridges

  • They can replace your missing teeth and make you feel confident to smile again.
  • Bridges help you to maintain the shape and improve the aesthetics of your face.
  • It helps you to distribute the forces of your bite uniformly and properly.
  • It prevents the remaining teeth from moving out of the position.
  • Permanent dentistry option for missing teeth without the need for surgery.

As a unique provider of dental bridges in Port Melbourne, we provide different types of bridges such as conventional fixed bridges, Maryland bridges, and cantilever bridges. We choose the type of bridge based on the location of the missing teeth and the framework required.

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