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Children and Emergency Dental Scenarios - Dentist Port Melbourne

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Children and Emergency Dental Scenarios

Children, as many parents are well aware, enjoy many physical activities – whether it be sports, playing on the playground, or simply running around, our little ones rarely consider the consequences of their actions, and recklessness often results in them hurting themselves.

Usually this will involve a scrape or a bump, but every now and then it can unfortunately result in them damaging one of their most precious commodities – their teeth.

In this blog, we demonstrate the ways in which you can manage a tooth-related problem your child could suffer to make sure you’re ready if it happens.

Broken Braces

If a child manages to break their braces, don’t fret. Although tempting, don’t attempt to remove broken pieces that might be causing pain to your child as it might make the problem worse. Instead, mask any protruding wire with something soft like chewing gum or gauze and take your child to the emergency dentist. The dentist can then use tools to properly assess any issues with the braces.

Knocked out tooth

Teeth being knocked out is not uncommon for children considering the sporting activities and high energy play they engage in. depending on the age of your child, they can either get a baby tooth or a permanent tooth knocked out. These scenarios encourage different responses, which we will explore.

If a child’s baby tooth is knocked out, rinse their mouth out with warm water and apply gauze to the area if there is bleeding. If swelling results, use an ice pack to help manage the problem area. After your child is looked after, contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, first try to re-insert the tooth, particularly if it is still within an hour of the tooth being knocked out. This is achieved by rinsing the area and then picking up the tooth by the crown and inserting it back in the socket. Ask your child to slowly bite down to apply pressure to the tooth in its original spot and contact our Children Dentists as soon as possible.

Has your child suffered a dental mishap?

If your children have been involved in an unfortunate accident, make sure to get in touch with Bay Street Dental after potentially following the advice in this thread.

We’re here to help if you need any emergency advice, and can follow up the progress of your child with an appointment to assess any long-term strategies that might be required.

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    Google Rating
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