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Dentist Docklands

Bay Street Dental offers a full scale of dental services for residents living in the Docklands area. If you are looking for general, or more specialised dentistry, then look no further than our professional team. Our practice is located on the bustling Bay Street in Port Melbourne and we see hundreds of patients on a monthly basis. Located a short drive from the central Port Melbourne area, we have seen a variety of return customers who are drawn to our expert knowledge and industry experience in dental health and surgery.

We strive to remain a welcoming clinic for all of our clients and will ensure that you leave happy with your experience rather than fear your next!

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Book your appointment with an experienced dentist today, and get in touch with us at Bay Street Dental. You can book directly through below online form or contact us by calling (03) 9646 2577.

Get Porcelain Veneers In Docklands

Are you searching for an experienced, professional dental clinic that can help you attain your dream smile? At Bay Street Dental Group, we’re leading experts in the dental industry and have gained a wealth of knowledge through our years of experience. Our reputation as a major dental clinic in our area has given us a solid reputation when it comes to restorative procedures. In terms of dental health and achieving the perfect smile, our team are specialised in porcelain veneers treatments. When you need state-of-the-art veneers in Docklands, choose our team for the job. Veneers are thin shells that are placed on the teeth to help restore teeth that have been damaged, decayed or cracked. Don’t let your dental imperfections stop you from being confident, choose our cosmetic dentists to transform the look of your teeth and give you a natural-looking set of teeth that will have you showing off your pearly whites to the world.

Porcelain veneers have a range of advantages that other procedures do not, including:

  • A non-invasive procedure which ensures your comfort throughout the entire process
  • Completely natural-looking so people won’t be able to notice the difference between your veneers and natural set of teeth
  • Fully customizable depending on the patient – we’ll match the colour of the veneers to the colour of your teeth
  • Your teeth will stay protected for a long time to come
  • You’ll regain your confidence with a smile that looks great and that you’ll be proud to show off
  • Veneers are safe and won’t cause any harm to your oral health
  • The procedure is easy and done by our professional team of dentists

For more information on porcelain veneers in Docklands or if you have any questions about our cosmetic and general dentistry procedures, contact us today.

Dental Services for Docklands Residents

We offer holistic dental care service that allows the entire family to get their dental needs taken care of at a convenient single location. As a result, you can walk in with any number of oral health issues and walk out with a healthy and attractive looking smile.

No matter the seriousness of the issue, we will aim to provide you with the best possible advice and care with our range of services available. From generalised dental check-ups and cleans, to cosmetic dental surgery and emergency care, we will find a way to best combat any issue that you may be facing with your dental health.

Some closer residents choose to walk in by foot to enjoy their surroundings and the relative safety of the roads for pedestrians. You could also catch the free community bus that frequents the Port Phillip or opts to travel using the area’s reliable tram system. With designated bike routes and paths, cyclists will also enjoy going in and out of Albert Park.

Our dentists use modern technology in the industry to ensure that we provide our patients with excellent service. Our practice is based around safety, and we will make sure that you feel secure from the start of your appointment to finish.


Getting to Bay Street Port Melbourne is always a breeze, even if you don’t travel with your own vehicle. Yellow cabs and taxis frequent the area with trams coming through often and metropolitan trains also coming through Melbourne to its many train stations on a regular basis.

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Google Rating
Based on 126 reviews