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Your Reliable Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

Everyone wants an attractive smile, but not all are fortunate to achieve it due to various dental issues. However, the advancement of cosmetic dentistry in recent decades has provided solutions to many of these dental issues.

Bay Street Dental Group offers modern cosmetic dentistry treatments at our clinic in Port Melbourne that are ideal for patients living in the nearby suburbs of St Kilda, South Melbourne, and Toorak. At Bay Street Dental Group, we aim to give you a healthy, bright, and beautiful smile. We also want your smile to give you confidence.

Our cosmetic dentist in Melbourne provides treatment solutions for all the major cosmetic dentistry issues and helps you to achieve the desired results based on your expectations.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

We offer an excellent range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are painless, quick, and highly affordable. Everyone at Bay Street Dental Group works towards providing the best possible cosmetic dental solutions to our patients. We provide the following treatments:

A Dedicated Team
of Experts Committed
to Enhancing Your Smile

Patient-Focussed Holistic Approach

Patient-Focussed Holistic Approach

Prioritising patient comfort with cutting-edge technology and amenities for an enhanced experience. Our contemporary treatment spaces feature air-flow hygiene systems, 3D impression scanners, and pain-free anaesthesia, ensuring your stress-free visit.

Progressive and Compassionate Dentistry

Embracing Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Our approach revolves around minimal tooth alteration prior to procedures, placing utmost importance on preserving healthy teeth.

Competitive Prices

Affordable Pricing, Unwavering Commitment to Care

We offer various treatment options to accommodate a broader range of patients while maintaining our commitment to providing quality care.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

We offer an excellent range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are painless, quick, and highly affordable. Everyone at Bay Street Dental Group works towards providing the best possible cosmetic dental solutions to our patients. We provide the following treatments:



As Melbourne’s premier cosmetic dentistry group, we provide durable porcelain crowns that perfectly mimic the appearance of natural teeth. If you are struggling with a weak, cracked, broken, misshaped, or severely stained tooth, our crown serviceis the best answer to all those worries.


Dental Bridges

We offer dental bridges made from porcelain, gold, and porcelain-fused materials. These dental bridges are ideal for people who have lost teeth and want to maintain the shape of their face. It also helps you to speak and chew properly and prevents teeth-shifting issues.


Teeth Whitening

We offer both single visit teeth whitening at our clinics and take-home teeth whitening solutions. Both solutions are ideal for people who have stained or discoloured teeth and want to restore their shining, white teeth.



Veneers are white shell-like structures that can cover your chipped, misshaped, discoloured, or overcrowded teeth. It is also used for fixing gaps between teeth. We supply veneers made from porcelain and composite resin that have excellent durability and strength.

Dental Fillings

We also provide white dental fillings that can fill your dental cavities. Our fillings reflect the natural colour of your teeth and have no hazardous materials.


Dental Implants

These are excellent options for people who need to replace their missing or severely damaged teeth and get their natural smiles back. We offer titanium implants that can support single or multiple crowns or full dentures. Apart from these most common cosmetic dental services, we also provide customised solutions based on your unique dental issues.

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Who Needs Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

We provide cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne to solve a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Misshapen or irregularly shaped teeth

  • Uneven space between teeth

  • Discoloured or stained teeth
  • Bad bite issues
  • Old-style metal fillings and implants

We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to provide permanent results to your dental worries that prevent you from presenting a confident smile.

Cracked, chipped or damaged teeth.

Chipped, Broken or Cracked Teeth

Many people will turn to cosmetic dentistry in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, and St Kilda purely for aesthetic reasons. When you have damaged teeth, they can look undesirable, making many people feel very self-conscious.

However, there are health reasons why they should be addressed as well. Damage to your teeth can make it hard to clean in these chips and cracks, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. This will lead to cavities, decay, and infection, leading to even worse oral health conditions. If you have damaged teeth, please book an appointment as soon as possible.

Damage Teeth

Crooked or Crowded Teeth

When teeth aren’t aligned correctly, they can encroach on other teeth in your mouth. This looks bad and can result in damage to your teeth over time. As they continue to grow in the incorrect direction, they can cause neighbouring teeth to crack, split and ultimately require removal. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to clunky and annoying metal braces anymore.

There are modern cosmetic dentistry solutions available at our Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda clinics, including invisible retainers called Invisalign. These allow you to correct misaligned, crooked and crowded teeth with a solution that will not be noticeable. Invisalign retainers can also be removed when you eat and clean your teeth.


Misshapen or Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the genetics that delivers perfectly aligned and shaped teeth. Many people are born with teeth that are smaller, larger or irregularly shaped. Sometimes, they can cause dental complications; other times, they are just an aesthetic nuisance. A range of cosmetic dental procedures can deliver the perfect smile.

Restorative options such as crowns, veneers and composite resins are all available at our St Kilda, South Melbourne, and Toorak clinics. Book an appointment with our experienced and qualified dentists and we will personalise a solution to your requirements and budget that will give you a new smile and a newfound feeling of confidence.


Uneven Space Between Teeth

There are some people who have gaps between their teeth from when they were children, while others will develop them later in life. They can be caused by issues with the connecting tissue between the lip and the gum, issues with the tongue pushing teeth out of position or the loss of a tooth (or teeth) that causes the others around them to move position.

There are many cosmetic procedures that can assist with gaps between the teeth, including dental bonding and veneers. Braces or Invisalign can help align teeth, while dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth.


Discoloured or Stained Teeth

There are many factors that can cause teeth to become yellow, stained or discoloured over time. Many beverages like wine and coffee can stain your teeth, and just simple ageing can result in teeth losing their whiteness and shine as well. Many online teeth whitening kits are available, but these have varying degrees of efficacy and safety. For teeth whitening that is guaranteed to work and is 100 per cent safe, speak to our dentists about our solutions. We offer in-the-chair solutions and take-home kits that will give you a perfect smile in no time.

Bad Bite Issue

Bad Bite Issues

Having a bad bite can be a symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD or TMJ), which can mean more than just aesthetics and difficulty eating. This condition can result in headaches, clicking or popping in the jaw, pain, ringing in the ears and even numbness that can extend to the arms and fingers. TMD can also result in tooth sensitivity, cracks or fractures in the teeth. So, it is a condition that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Cosmetic dentistry can remove small pieces of teeth and jawbone to realign the jaw and help with your well-being and overall oral health.

Lost the teeth fillings.

Old-style Metal Fillings and Implants

Metal braces can have a lot of issues. It is hard to clean your teeth properly, and it is nearly impossible to floss; they can gather food and create more problems than solutions. Here at our clinic, we have alternative solutions that can align your teeth without the complications associated with metal braces, including invisible retainers called Invisalign. Our dentists are also on hand to assist with any issues with your existing metal braces and problems with your fillings or implants. We can assess your individual situation and provide personalised care to restore your oral health.

Experience Genuine Compassion from Our Expert Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

Experience genuine compassion and professionalism from our team of dedicated professionals who have been serving patients for over two decades. During your private consultation, we’ll attentively listen to your goals and concerns, providing comprehensive details on safe treatment options tailored to achieve your unique smile aspirations.

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