Early detection and treatment of children can prevent lengthy and possible expensive dental problems in the future.

Providing your child with proper dental care is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. From the time a child’s teeth first erupt, practicing good oral hygiene is imperative for the child.

Beginning at about six months old, children’s first set of teeth will begin to push their way through their gums. Over the next 12 years or so, these initial teeth – or “baby teeth” as they are often called – eventually will fall out and be replaced with your child’s permanent teeth. But proper dental care begins from the moment your child’s first teeth erupt.

Getting your child accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly from an early age is the best way to encourage them to a lifetime of good oral health. At around three years of age your child could possibly sit in a dental chair on their own for the first time but this will all depend on the child.

Regularly scheduled dental appointments thereafter provide your child the opportunity to learn about best oral health practices, such as the importance of avoiding to many sweets, proper brushing and flossing techniques, and how to prevent teeth from harm during sports and physical activities.

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