Teeth Whitening

Smoking and drinking tea and coffee, as well as red wine and other darkly coloured drinks, can take a heavy toll on your teeth and turn them various shades of yellow or brown. Some courses of antibiotics can also turn your teeth grey. Our dental whitening technique can restore the whiteness and vitality to your smile.
After taking impressions, our technician makes close fitting trays for the upper and lower, a bit like a well fitted mouth guard. This holds a whitening gel that gently works on your teeth.
Total treatment length is about 20 applications. Our best results come from wearing trays overnight as bleach seeps through the teeth. But after an introduction to the process at our surgery, you can apply the whitening product easily and effectively at home. Our Dentist gives you detailed instructions and monitors your progress. Some areas we help service are, South Melbourne, Middle Park & Docklands.

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