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Achieving a Hollywood Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentist Port Melbourne

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How Cosmetic Dentistry And Teeth Whitening Can Give You A Winning Hollywood Smile and Why It Matters

If there is one thing that most celebrities have in common, it’s that they have a beautiful smile. Celebrities tend to have evenly spaced, straight teeth that are white (but not too white) and without any gaps or visible gum line showing. Of course, as we all know most actors and actresses weren’t born with this Hollywood Smile. Like the rest of their appearance, it’s something that is crafted over time usually using cosmetic dentistry.

As more people become exposed to Hollywood smiles on television and in social media, more people are starting to request a whitening treatment and more from their cosmetic dentist. These days cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than ever and is a commonly accepted procedure.

Part of the reason so many people want a Hollywood smile is that they are starting to realise just how important an attractive smile is in everyday life and that its positive effects extend far beyond the big screen.

Research shows that people who smile more often are more likely to get promoted at work and will earn more than their counterparts. People who smile more are also asked on more romantic dates and are perceived as being more popular and successful. Researchers have also been able to use the frequency of sincerity of a person’s smile as a reliable predictor of everything from their average lifespan to how happy their marriages will be.

A frequent smile is a signifier of happiness, but this doesn’t mean that those that don’t smile aren’t happy – just that they can’t show it. In fact, many Australians do smile but keep their mouths closed or cover their mouth with their hand because they are subconscious of how their smile looks.

Unlike cosmetic modifications like makeup, hair extensions and hitting the gym, an attractive smile suits everyone, is permanent and will not fade. It is a dramatic yet subtle way that anyone can improve their appearance. At Bay Street Dental, we can say this with real confidence, as we have created dozens of Hollywood smiles for clients all over Port Melbourne and Victoria.

So if you think that a Hollywood Smile could benefit you, why not take the first step and make an appointment with us to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options?

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    Google Rating
    Based on 126 reviews