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18 November 2017

Root canals still maintain their reputation as long, painful, and generally terrifying dental procedures. Dental advancements have ensured that this is no longer the case, but the myths related to root canals still endure.

In this blog, we demonstrate a few myths that are still circulating and point out how they no longer apply.

First, what is a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that remedies the decay or trauma that occurs to a tooth’s nerve. Specifically, it is the compromise of pulp (which supplies nutrients to the tooth) through infection that requires a root canal. If a patient were to wait too long to undergo the root canal, advanced infection would inevitably result in the tooth being extracted altogether.

If this is the case, shouldn’t my tooth be hurting?

Although tooth pain might be a factor, it is not always present when someone requires a root canal. An infection or root level decay might be occurring regardless, and this can be determined fairly easily with tests available to dentists. These tests include percussion testing and application of a pulp vitality machine.

If I do need a root canal, won’t it take months?

Although some may believe that a root canal occurs over half a dozen sessions, this is not the case at all. Instead, the root canal procedure can occur in one or two sessions, making it a procedure that will leaving you feeling better in no time.

In cases where there is an advanced infection or something similarly problematic related to the tooth, several more visits might need to occur. For the most part, regular root canal procedures do not require this many sessions.

Won’t I be screaming with pain in the dentist’s chair?

Significant pain was once something that occurred during root canal procedures, but this is no longer the case. Memories of painful root canals occurred as a result of older, invasive techniques coupled with the use of general anaesthesia.

Significant advancements in dental procedures have ensured that the pain related to a root canal is relative to that of receiving a filling. The pain is more often related to the infection of the tooth itself, which obviously only clears up with a root canal!

Need your own root canal?

If you’ve been putting off your root canal, we encourage you to book your appointment in as soon as possible – it’s nowhere near as scary or painful as you think!

Contact the friendly team at Bay Street Dental for more information.

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