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5 Tips For Quick Recovery Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Bounce back from your wisdom teeth extraction quicker than ever with these handy tips

Your wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to erupt in your mouth. Typically this happens any time between your late teens and mid-twenties, and when there’s not enough space in your mouth or jaw the tooth can become impacted. It’s at this painful stage that most people first become aware of their wisdoms, and it’s such a hated process for many. After all, at this age most of us think we’ve put the worse of our ‘teething’ behind, at least until we reach old age. The good news is that with the following tips you can bounce back from getting your wisdom teeth removed quicker than ever.

  • Do it as soon as possible: The second you suspect that your wisdom teeth are coming in, you should head off to the dentist and ask if removal might be necessary. The sooner you do it (and by default, the younger you are) the easier the process is, as your jaw and teeth are more malleable.
  • Follow orders: Your dentist’s orders are there for a reason – to keep you healthy and to speed up the recovery process. If you’ve been prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain relieving medication, take these as instructed so that your recovery goes off without a hitch.
  • Don’t fiddle: After your wisdom teeth are removed, you’ll need a blood clot to form so the bleeding stops at the site and healing begins. Don’t poke the area, and avoid brushing, sucking or spitting. Ignoring this advice could create a dry socket, which is when the blood clot gets dislodged or dissolves and the bone and nerves underneath are painfully exposed.
  • Watch your diet: stick to a diet of soft, smooth and clear foods that can be consumed by spoon or sipped slowly. Avoid anything that could get stuck in your teeth until your dentist clears you to do so.

Following the above tips won’t prevent you from experiencing discomfort from your wisdom teeth removal, but they will allow you to recover faster until the painful process is nothing but a distant memory!

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    Google Rating
    Based on 126 reviews