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The importance of regular check-ups - Dentist Port Melbourne

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The importance of regular check-ups

The dentist is considered a den of misery for many. A stranger prodding, scratching and occasionally causing pain in sensitive areas can often be an unpleasant feeling. Because of this, many patients opt to not visit their dentist regularly.

It’s important to remember your dentist loves you and your teeth, and only wants the best for your pearly whites. Choosing not to visit your dentist every six months can prove to be a very damaging thing in the long run.

Question Time

There are bound to be things about your teeth that irk you during the week. A small amount of blood swirling down the sink when you spit your toothpaste out, or your teeth having solely increased in sensitivity to the point where eating some of your favourite foods becomes unpleasant. These aren’t necessarily issues you’d be running to make a dental appointment for, but having the opportunity to voice your concerns at a regular appointment can be very helpful. If problems are spotted early, your teeth and wallet can be saved a lot of trouble. Even if what you describe is revealed to not be a problem, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you asked.

Better yet, if you develop comfortability with your dentist through regular visits, you’ll feel a lot better asking the less fun questions. It’s not fun talking about causes of terrible bad breath to begin with, so better knowing your dentist makes it a lot easier.

Discovering hidden dental issues

Your dentist has a keen eye for the little things hiding in your teeth. Problems like cavities, plaque build-up, or tartar are all highly problematic dental issues that are not spotted through regular brushing. Needless to say, your keen-eyed dentist will pick any problem up in no time.  If a problem is found, x-rays can be swiftly organised and problems with your particular issue mitigated. Easy!

Having your teeth cleaned by your dentist during visits also helps make your smile brighter. Tea, coffee, wine and tobacco are all things consumed regularly that contribute to teeth staining. Make sure to consider the impact your daily coffee (or coffees) has on the state of your teeth, and how your dentist is here to help manage your love for caffeine in a way you wouldn’t have previously considered.

Keeping that smile beautiful

In the future, when you’re crunching into a juicy granny smith or chewing a sticky muesli bar, keep in mind that your dentist wants to keep your teeth chomping for as long as possible.

No more excuses, begin regular check-ups today! Make an online booking with Dentist Port to keep your teeth in tip-top condition.

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    Google Rating
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