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What Dental Problems Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health

We all know that oral health is imperative to good overall health, and having dental problems can impact the rest of your body, but what many people don’t realise is the opposite is also true. Dental problems don’t always originate in the mouth, in fact many issues that present as oral health issues originate elsewhere in the body. It is always essential to visit your dentist to treat oral health issues and to get a professional diagnosis, but having a think about your dental symptoms can be a key way to identify overall health concerns. So, what could your dental problems be telling you?

Teeth Grinding

Waking up with a sore jaw or experiencing sensitive or aching teeth or chipped enamel is often linked to teeth grinding during the night. Commonly due to stress and anxiety, many people don’t realise they are grinding their teeth while they sleep, and therefore don’t connect their dental symptoms with stress related issues.

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Almost everyone will suffer from bouts of halitosis, or bad breath, throughout their lives, regardless of their dental health. While it’s easy to assume that because bad breath comes from the mouth, it is caused to dental issues, however this is not always the case. Halitosis can also be caused by diet, respiratory tract infections, diabetes and much more. So, while many people try to cure bad breath with teeth cleaning and gum care, it’s often other areas of the body that need the treatment.

Loose teeth

Feeling like your teeth are not secure in your jaw is very disconcerting, and may be a symptom of not just dental issues but of other, not dental specific issues such as low bone mineral density. Low bone mineral density can lead to osteoporosis, with those suffering from osteoporosis often experiencing higher rates of gum disease and loss of teeth.

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

Gum disease is marked by a variety of symptoms including swollen, red or tender gums, receding gums, loose teeth, bad breath or bad taste and more. However, although periodontal is a serious dental condition it has also been linked to other medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and more.

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    Google Rating
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