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Sleep Dentistry

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Fear of the dentist? Why not try sleep dentistry?

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with unease and dread? Or maybe you suffer from anxiety when a dental visit quickly approaches on the calendar? You might even have a child or family member who hates the idea of going to any sort of dental appointment. Sleep dentistry could be your answer.

Unfortunately, feelings of anxiety or trepidation can stop us from attending an appointment we could really need. Sometimes a dental emergency has occurred and our fear can prevent us from visiting a dentist. Sleep dentistry is used to help these people and it’s as easy as receiving treatment while you’re asleep and waking up with a bright new smile. No more bright lights, drilling sounds or bad memories. Whole dental procedures can be done while you get some shut eye.

Maybe you’re coming in for multiple fillings, wisdom teeth removal or implants, in which case sleep dentistry would be perfect for you.

At Care Family Dental, we offer our sleep dentistry services to any patients who may:

  • Hate needles or injections
  • Dislike noises, tastes or smells that come hand in hand with dental treatment
  • Have a fear of going to the dentist
  • Have trouble reacting to local anaesthetic properly
  • Have a gag reflex
  • Have had previous bad experiences
  • Require complex or extensive treatment
  • Have sensitive teeth

Our clinics offer sleep dentistry without having to wait for a specialist to be available. Whatever dental concern you may have, our staff can assess it and assist you with anything that could be holding you back from your treating your dental ailments. We take all our consultations, especially sleep dentistry, very seriously and your happiness is our number one priority.

Sleep dentistry can offer comfort and safety for anxious patients, while being a time effective procedure as some clients can have the majority – if not all – of their necessary treatments done in one session.

At Bay street dental group, we want to help give you your best smile yet and we love to welcome new patients to the practice. Call us or use our online booking system to make your appointment today. Our experienced team of dental professionals are here to give you that much needed dental care.

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    Google Rating
    Based on 126 reviews